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Advantages of Switching Credit Cards

Advantages of Switching Credit Cards

Switching credit cards is an everyday part of life now whether it is taking advantage of the introductory offers or simply deciding that your existing credit card account is old and you are looking for a newer better credit card deal than you have already. If you choose your new credit card wisely the advantages could prove beneficial to you.

Here we are going to look at some of the advantages of switching your credit card and how it may benefit you.

Lower APR

Finding a credit card with a lower APR could be beneficial to you if you do not pay your credit card balance in full every month. Having a lower APR would mean paying less interest on your outstanding balance. (Do be aware of the minimum payment warning; always try to pay more than the minimum payment.) If you had bad debt in the past and could only get a high interest credit card then you may now be able to get a credit card with a lower APR.

Reward Schemes

Does your current credit card have a rewards or cash back scheme included? Are you benefiting from the reward scheme you currently have in place? It is better to find a new credit card that you would benefit from rather than have points totting up for vouchers that you know you are not going to use. I.e. store vouchers could help you with your grocery shopping or if you are a frequent flyer air miles could save you some money on your flights. Think about the reward scheme and ask yourself if you would use the vouchers etc.

Charity Credit Cards

If you have been thinking for a long time about helping out or donating money to your favorite charity chances are they will have a credit card that you can purchase. If you purchase a charity credit card every time you use your card your lender will donate to your chosen charity. People can feel very strongly about certain charities whether it be through losing a loved one or working in a charity environment so having a charity credit card could put your mind at rest knowing that you are helping in some way. You will generally find that charity credit card have all the other incentives that other credit cards have. The same applies to football credit cards, your favorite football club would receive a payment for every transaction you make which would in turn be reinvested back into your team club.

Thinking about switching credit cards?

There are many different options to think about so don’t just stick to your current credit card out of habit make your credit card decisions work for you whatever your circumstances.

Bad Credit Credit Card Offered By Many Companies

Bad Credit Credit Card- Offered By Many Companies

Check-books and paying with cash is becoming less frequent as more people are using plastic to pay for purchases. Checkbooks are being replaced by debit cards and the use of credit cards is rising. Online shopping has helped fuel the need for a credit card. Unfortunately people with bad credit are normally not approved for a credit card. It is not hopeless, there are avenues for those with bad credit histories to enter or return to the world of plastic.

Bad credit - credit cards are offered by many companies. This became a necessity since individuals with low incomes or credit problems would be declined for a low interest, no fee credit card. Many of these companies use what is called Risk Based Pricing. What this does is they have several types of offerings with different interest rates. The rate they offer is based on your credit score. So if you apply for one card you may get declined but offered a card with a higher rate. This is an excellent way for someone with a bit of a negative credit history to be approved for a bad credit, credit card.

So what about those individuals with no credit or extremely negative credit? They may need to look at another type of bad credit, credit card. There are several companies that target these types of people. They offer what is called a starter card. This type of card has a very high interest rate and very low credit limit. There are also a substantial amount of fees normally connected with these cards.

These cards pale in comparison to the more normal type of credit card offers but the acceptance rate is high. By using, one of these bad credit, credit cards and keeping with the terms of the agreement, making payments on time in a period of time your credit rating will be more positive. This will allow you the opportunity to apply with a better chance of acceptance for a lower rate and more favorable term credit card.

There are some individuals with such critical credit problems, a recent bankruptcy for instance, that a starter card would not be an option. If this is the case the only solution that would be left is a prepaid credit card which is sometimes called a secured card. The fact they look like a credit card it the only similarity. They need to have funds deposited to use them. You are virtually guaranteed to be accepted for this type of bad credit, credit card.

They work the same as any Mastercard or Visa but you can only spend the amount of money you have deposited. This leaves very little risk to the card issuer since you can not incur any debt with them. Because the issuer of the card will not be making any money on monthly interest rates for the balance they make their money in other ways. The can charge a fee for applying, a annual fee, an administration fee even a small percentage for every time you purchase something with the card. You will want to research several companies before applying for this type of bad credit, credit card since these fees can vary greatly.

Basically what all this means if even with a bad credit rating, nearly everyone can find a bad credit, credit card. It may take some research but it can be accomplished.